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Dre Autelitano

Dre Autelitano

Combining over 12 years of experience and technical knowledge with a practical, conscientious understanding of the need for transparency, fair practices and consumer control, Dre strives for professional integrity and ethical practices that go beyond industry standards.


This is why he joined Harcourts and whole-heartedly believes selling by auction offers the only transparent and professional platform for selling property at its maximized value!  Auctions are the future in real estate sales.


Recognized for his patience, persistence and unwavering principles, Dre presents an uncanny ability to mediate deals that serve his clients best interests.


Knowing that real estate is one of the largest investment decisions in a person’s life affecting people both financially and their quality of life, he will go beyond the numbers and look at what your real needs are when selling, purchasing or investing in real estate.


Born and raised in Metro Vancouver, Dre has worked as a managing broker for three companies, a compliance officer for the Real Estate Council of BC, and has been a member of the Professional Conduct Committee for the Board of Greater Vancouver.


Dre is also an avid illustration artist and has a passion for industrial design, architecture, film, literature, weight lifting, hiking and cycling.


Areas of Specialty: Selling by Auction, Residential Single Family, Strata Condominiums/Townhouses, Multi–family, Assignments & Pre-Sales, New Construction, Land Assembly.

Dre Autelitano


109 - 267 W Esplanade
North Vancouver