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After viewing one of our available properties, please complete our Tenancy Application Form and return it by email to bcrentals@harcourts.net or by fax at 604.770.3810.  You can also request an application be sent to you through our portal so you can complete and sign it on-line. Please do not complete an application prior to viewing the property.  



Call us to check the status of a property prior to applying as the renting of property can move very quickly.   Also, there is often more than one application for a property.  The Property Manager will review all applications so the Property Manager and property owner will select from the group of applications regardless of when they were submitted.   


We will do our best to advise you of the outcome of your application before the close of the next business day. To be fair to other parties, if your application is successful, you will be asked to sign the tenancy documents and pay the initial funds to secure the tenancy.


            To Our Tenants

Moving can be an exhausting and stressful time! We hope that the relocation and unpacking process is as quick and easy as possible so you can relax and enjoy your new home. On behalf of the Owner, Harcourts is keen to ensure the property is maintained throughout your tenancy, so please don’t hesitate to advise us of any problem so we can be of assistance or remedy the situation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries during your tenancy. We are here to help.


Welcome to Renting


This Welcome to Renting Guidebook contains a lot of great information about renting a property, such as emergency services, how to care for your home, disaster readiness, and basic trouble shooting advice.




There are some inconveniences when renting a home. One of them is that we will inspect the property while you are living there. There are though three types of inspections:


  • Initial Condition Inspection – You and your Property Manager complete this together at the beginning of your tenancy and sign to note that you both agree with the property’s condition at move in.
  • Final Condition Inspection – You and your Property Manager complete this together at the end of your tenancy comparing it to the initial condition inspection to determine what, if any, maintenance and/or cleaning is required to finalize the tenancy.
  • Routine Inspections – These are typically completed on a quarterly basis throughout your tenancy. There are many benefits to doing these – you can provide us with any potential maintenance issues that we need to investigate further and discuss with the owner, we can let the owner know the property is being well cared for and where attention may be needed and, in many cases, it validates the owner’s insurance. You do not have to be there for these inspections but you are more than welcome to attend. More information about these inspections will be provided at the time of tenancy.

Residential Tenancy Act
All tenancies are governed under British Columbia’s Residential Tenancy Act.


Strata Property Act

If you live in a strata property, strata properties are governed under British Columbia’s Strata Property Act.


Moving Out & Cleaning Checklist
A guide to cleaning the property upon vacating.


Maintenance Reporting
We prefer all maintenance requests be submitted through your 24/7 tenant login. If this is not possible, enter the information below.




Maintenance Report

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