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Harcourts Leadership

Harcourts Leadership

Harcourts International announced it has strengthened its Canadian business with new ownership at the Harcourts office in North Vancouver . Owned and operated by established real estate agents Greg Paddy and Theo Birkner, the flagship office offers a suite of services to their clients comprising of property sales, auction, commercial sales and leasing, and property management.

“The Canadian property market is showing signs of continued strength, particularly in British Columbia, and we believe the timing for this step is perfect,” said Harcourts International Managing Director Mike Green.


“The market opportunity is huge, with a growing emphasis on client-centred business. Greg and Theo are not just leaders in the real estate industry, but they are passionate entrepreneurs who create teams of high quality professionals.”


Vancouver born-and-bred, Mr. Birkner draws on his five years as a realtor as well as a previous decade of luxury adventure tourism to deliver the best possible client experience time after time. “I bill myself as a lifestyle consultant, and take that comprehensive approach in all areas of my business,” said Mr. Birkner.


“The four Harcourts values promote heart and feel, and they’re written right on the office wall as a daily reminder, but I also feel they’re humanised in all touch points throughout the company. Everything you see in a Harcourts environment is aimed at collaboration and being a team built for success.”


Mr. Paddy brings to Harcourts a breadth of professional and personal experiences, an in-depth knowledge of neighbourhoods and communities, and an abundance of practical sales management and business development experience.


“From a business development perspective, having the trust of a global brand gives our clients confidence in an environment that is definitely going through introspection and scrutiny. In an agent-centric market like Vancouver, to have the support of a proven brand with proven systems, I believe provides greater value to me as an agent and ultimately to my clients. Mr. Paddy went on to explain that the team currently includes eight licensed realtors and is growing.

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