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Selling with Harcourts

About Us

Selling your home can be a time consuming and stressful process. There’s a lot to consider – should you buy or sell first? When is the best time to sell? What’s the best way to market and sell your property? And those are only a few of the major considerations! We want to make sure that you’re well informed of the whole selling process and know exactly what to expect every step of the way.



Purpose: Our purpose is to create success for everyone who comes into contact with Harcourts,whether they are a team member, business partner or client. Our purpose is in line with our company values of taking pride in high-quality work, and striving to make a genuine difference in our clients’ lives.

It is all about People: Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs and aspirations. That's why Harcourts people not only receive in-depth professional training (the benchmark for the industry) but are also committed to building meaningful and genuine personal relationships with their clients. And the huge volume of referrals and repeat business generated is proof that this works to everyone's satisfaction.

Performance: We have remarkable results and have a long history of success behind us. We are confident in saying that our clients can be assured of a great result. That said, we don’t believe that history and revenue are the best indicators of results. The fact that over 94% of buyers and sellers say they would recommend Harcourts is how we benchmark our success.

Service: Harcourts is well known for our service levels. Wherever our clients are in their property journey, we work to make them feel informed, empowered and in control of the process from start to finish. We like setting and achieving exceptionally high standards. We are diligent about making sure that our clients’ interests are served and their expectations of real estate transactions are raised a notch or two.

Marketing: We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach to marketing. Every property is unique and needs its own solution. We create a tailored marketing plan for every property that showcases all the details that prospective buyers are looking for. Our use of leading-edge technology means that we can go live online to create a strategic marketing plan with the client based on real-time data from their local market

Expertise: All our Realtors® are trained through the Harcourts Academy, which is considered to provide the best training in the industry. This culture of success rests on a strong company focus around our values of taking pride in high-quality work, striving to make a genuine difference and aiming for excellence.

Technology/Innovation: We invest heavily in technology that streamlines our internal processes, and enhances our responsiveness to clients. Our mobile Apps have been profiled and recognised by AppleTM - and Harcourts is the only global real estate agency to receive this recognition. We also have our Client Login our clients can access 24/7 and check what is happening with their property. Staying ahead with the latest technology is the central plank of our service.

Foundation/Community: Our dedication to helping others goes well beyond real estate transactions. We genuinely care about our communities, and have always taken corporate social responsibility seriously. In 2008, Harcourts International established the Harcourts Foundation, an initiative that gives grants to projects and charities around the world. Funds are raised through events, workplace donations, or some areas giving a percentage of the sale of a property. It’s a 100% charity, which means 100% of the funds raised are distributed to enrich and support our communities. 

Global: Our global presence gives us the benefits of a wide referral and marketing network as well as the expertise of local professionals. We consistently attract overseas buyers on international postings. Through our more than 10,000 team members across the globe, our clients can access our international marketing and referral networks.

Our Promise: Our guarantee of service. Every client who engages with us is given a written assurance - ‘Our Promise’. It’s an assurance that we will deliver an exceptional level of service. We are consistent of delivering our five essential services: a written marketing plan; post-inspection feedback after every showing; regular written marketing reports; regular review meetings; and all offers presented in writing.