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Buying with Harcourts


Harcourts has been helping people to buy and sell property for over a century. Harcourts in North Vancouver is committed to helping you turn your property dreams into reality.


When you come to Harcourts in search of your perfect property, your Realtor looks to establish your goals and set about achieving them for you. It is their job to listen to what you want and to work with you with care and consideration at all times.


Your Realtor will guide you through the process of buying a house, providing advice on property values, investment potential, finance options and legal requirements.


It is all part of the extra-effort service. And best of all, it’s all entirely free of charge.



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Selling with Harcourts


Selling your home can be a time consuming and stressful process. There’s a lot to consider – should you buy or sell first? When is the best time to sell? How do you choose a Realtor? What’s the best way to market and sell your property? And those are only a few of the major considerations! We want to make sure that you’re well informed of the whole selling process and know exactly what to expect every step of the way. The Harcourts Sellers Guide will cover everything you need to know from start to finish.


When is the best time to sell property?


There are a few factors that play a part when it comes to listing your property that won’t have much to do with the time of the year. Things like personal circumstances and market conditions are going to play the biggest role in choosing when to market your property. However, if the market is right and it is time for you to sell, then it makes sense to opt for the time of year best suited to attracting buyers. Here, we take a look at the benefits of listing your property at different times of the year. “There are merits to listing your home at several different times of the year.”


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Buying with Harcourts

Selling with Harcourts